been a while

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well its been alomst a year since i have blogged..
yep thats right...A YEAR!
SSOOO much has changed since then. Ayden is such a BIG 3 yr old. He is wearing clothes bigger than average for a 3 yr old and talks and interacts well with others. He is ADHD but if you ever met my son you already knew that- just like the bunny- he keeps going and goin and going. but i love him.
playing softball again. our team this season is the Beer Guts, been a team for a couple seasons now. hold the campionship title currently and playing this season to hold on to that. ever make it out to the Georgetown feilds come watch us.
I live with Trent now. (my boyfriend) Things are going very well right now with us. i couldnt be happier. Work at Austin Regional Clinic. love the doctor i work for she is so sweet and we get a long very well.
so thats really about me in a nut shell for now. but i will try to blog a bit more than i have been.

<3 peace love and hair grease!