Girl's Weekend away

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This past weekend I had a girls weekend out of town. Amber and I went to see Jessica in San Antonio. We left Saturday morning and stopped for breakfast at J&J's. We saw so many people we knew there it took awhile because we kept saying hi to everyone and not really eating. So then we got on the road and head there. Once we got there we went to Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Season passes are only 24 dollars more than a one day pass which is 34.99 so we got the season passes so we can go back. Plus a great thing is Ayden is still free this summer so I can take him there :) 

Six Flags was bad ass though b/c I guess everyone was scared of swine flu (which to me just wash your hands and dont lick the rollercoaster and your ok) but nobody was there. It was sweet. There was no line on the rides and if there was it was extremely short (under 10 min wait). We got to get off rides and go straight back on it again. We've been spoiled though b/c now when we go back I expect nothing less and I know we will have hour long waits... but since we have passes we can go see shows or something if lines are too long. 

So after that we went back to Jessicas and rested and showered and then a girl's night out on the town. We went to the river walk and hit up a cool little bar there called Swig. I loved it there. You can get your drink and go outside and drink it. You dont have to stay in the bar or club you were at. We met some funny people out there. Made it back at 3am and then slept. Woke up Sunday and headed home. 
It was a great weekend. Nice to get away from life stress here and good to be with great friends having a good time. 

*Pics to come. They are posted on myspace right now. I will email them to myself so I can post them up here tomorrow:) stay tuned cuz they are some good ones.