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Just a quick little what i did this weekend in case anyone gives a crap. 
Friday night I had a nice little dinner date- yummy steaks! :) then Saturday...spa day thanks to Amber's awesome mother's day gift. I got a gift card to Austin Life Spa. so I got a bad ass massage. Then I went out to Burnet to see an old friend. Hung out at Zach's for a bit and then we went to the Burnet cook off and drank some beer and saw Jason Bowland and the Stragglers. It was a great night! I haven't seen Zachery in forever and it was really good to catch up and see him again. I laughed almost the whole night. Sunday woke up with a hang over about 11 and went out on the boat... cruised around, stopped off in devils cove and saw some friends i haven't seen in a while. Over all a really good weekend :)