been a while

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well its been alomst a year since i have blogged..
yep thats right...A YEAR!
SSOOO much has changed since then. Ayden is such a BIG 3 yr old. He is wearing clothes bigger than average for a 3 yr old and talks and interacts well with others. He is ADHD but if you ever met my son you already knew that- just like the bunny- he keeps going and goin and going. but i love him.
playing softball again. our team this season is the Beer Guts, been a team for a couple seasons now. hold the campionship title currently and playing this season to hold on to that. ever make it out to the Georgetown feilds come watch us.
I live with Trent now. (my boyfriend) Things are going very well right now with us. i couldnt be happier. Work at Austin Regional Clinic. love the doctor i work for she is so sweet and we get a long very well.
so thats really about me in a nut shell for now. but i will try to blog a bit more than i have been.

<3 peace love and hair grease!


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Just a quick little what i did this weekend in case anyone gives a crap. 
Friday night I had a nice little dinner date- yummy steaks! :) then day thanks to Amber's awesome mother's day gift. I got a gift card to Austin Life Spa. so I got a bad ass massage. Then I went out to Burnet to see an old friend. Hung out at Zach's for a bit and then we went to the Burnet cook off and drank some beer and saw Jason Bowland and the Stragglers. It was a great night! I haven't seen Zachery in forever and it was really good to catch up and see him again. I laughed almost the whole night. Sunday woke up with a hang over about 11 and went out on the boat... cruised around, stopped off in devils cove and saw some friends i haven't seen in a while. Over all a really good weekend :)  

College Graduate

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I am so excited... I graduate college FINALLY on May 22nd! 

Going to take a semester off I have decided before I start my next school. I was going to start June 16th but I am planning on moving around then and starting a new job I don't want to have to worry about starting night school again too with all that. So either Fall 09 or Spring 10 I will start my paramedic... which ever I am settled in by. :) 
but in 2 weeks I at least graduate my first school. 

Too Young to have Back Pain

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I hurt my back :( 

I feel much older than I am... I am not supposed to be walking around like this. I went to the doctor and got put on muscle relaxers and pain meds. Had to have X Rays taken. She wants me to got physical therapy but I think I am going to wait it out and see if I can stretch it out and do some therapy work outs myself at the gym. 

Girl's Weekend away

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This past weekend I had a girls weekend out of town. Amber and I went to see Jessica in San Antonio. We left Saturday morning and stopped for breakfast at J&J's. We saw so many people we knew there it took awhile because we kept saying hi to everyone and not really eating. So then we got on the road and head there. Once we got there we went to Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Season passes are only 24 dollars more than a one day pass which is 34.99 so we got the season passes so we can go back. Plus a great thing is Ayden is still free this summer so I can take him there :) 

Six Flags was bad ass though b/c I guess everyone was scared of swine flu (which to me just wash your hands and dont lick the rollercoaster and your ok) but nobody was there. It was sweet. There was no line on the rides and if there was it was extremely short (under 10 min wait). We got to get off rides and go straight back on it again. We've been spoiled though b/c now when we go back I expect nothing less and I know we will have hour long waits... but since we have passes we can go see shows or something if lines are too long. 

So after that we went back to Jessicas and rested and showered and then a girl's night out on the town. We went to the river walk and hit up a cool little bar there called Swig. I loved it there. You can get your drink and go outside and drink it. You dont have to stay in the bar or club you were at. We met some funny people out there. Made it back at 3am and then slept. Woke up Sunday and headed home. 
It was a great weekend. Nice to get away from life stress here and good to be with great friends having a good time. 

*Pics to come. They are posted on myspace right now. I will email them to myself so I can post them up here tomorrow:) stay tuned cuz they are some good ones. 

Busy and Fun filled Weekend

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This weekend was a blast... had a lot going on. Friday night started the weekend off with the annual BBQ cook off in Liberty Hill.
 Beer and BBQ and lots of old friends you never see :) it was very
 fun. I even had enough to drink that I rode the mechanical bull! ouch on my legs the  next day thought. I held on for a good while...made sure I passed up my 8 seconds ! and now I have bruises on the inside of my thigh. 

Saturday I took Ayden back up to the cook off to the carnival so he could ride the rides. I've taken him to ride before at another carnival and he had a blast. It was so much fun and he was so cute. He was riding this helocopter ride and he wouldn't get off. He kept riding and riding it. Then he got to ride the race cars, this worm thing, the train, and the carosal horses with me. I stood next to him and he thought he was a big boy and didnt need me there with him. 

night I went back to cook off for some more drinking and fun. No bull this time but got to chat with friends and had a good time. Didn't get home til way late so Sunday morning I was hurting when I had to get up early. Boy do I wish Ayden was a late sleeper. :) 
Sunday afternoon I went to my friend Melody's birthday party. It was Luau themed and it was so much fun. 

The group there was a blast. Ayden had a lot of fun there too. He got to play football and ahd water guns and a bubble machine that the was facinated with. He would chase the bubbles and try to shoot them with the water guns. He was wore out so I took him home to bed and went back to the party. Then in was adult time for me  :) Tons of yummy jello shots :) Awesome B
BQ and beer again. We had a good time dancing and I did the Limbo.
I got so low that my back is killing me today bending that much. But I won and was told by everyone I was super flexable. It was a joke b/c i brought a date and he was told her needs to date me because I can limbo. LOL 
Thanks guys for the comments but I hope he likes me for more than my limbo skills :) ha ha. 

over all it was a great weekend. Hanging out with Ayden during the days and partying at night. It was fun and I am looking forward to this next weekend. Girls weekend out of town :) stay tuned for updates on that. ;) 

Esther's Follies

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Friday night I went to Esther's Follies for  a friend's birthday. It was so funny. I def. recommend going if you have never gone. I was laughing so hard the whole time my cheeks hurt and I was crying of laughter. And if you have gone remember every weekend they have new stuff so you don't see the same show twice. Some acts maybe a little the same but they always change it up. It was a great time... Laughing, magic, and BEER!